Monday, April 9, 2007

Just some thinking on a nothing type day

Today was a nothing type day ,you know nothing special yet kinda lazy and nice.

Those days dont come that often and after all we have been through they are nice.

But it got me to thinking about the past and how much i miss those grown up boys of mine,

and how much life happens while you are sittin around making other plans.

I had a good childhood it wasnt perfect I had a disease (perthes)spent months in hospital

had little friends at the crippled childrens school who died and so very young it was apparant to

me that the world wasnt such a safe place,My mother made us picnics on our front lawn

and gave us fairies and dreams to keep us happy and i was.I can remember thinking

(with a caliper all up my leg) i must be the luckiest little girl alive.I saw other families and

i was glad i had mine,my mum and dad,Brothers and my sister who i still love more than life.Anyway i think i tried to give

that to my sons that magic and its what i still try to do,Children who come here must

check the fairy teapot for a fairy present.I guess i realise you are only little and have that magic for such a short time.Now my friends children who are grown will say to me i loved your house remember the fairy pot.Anyway all of this made me wonder is that why i buy all these old toys

are my sister and i buying back our childhood.Mostly i suppose i do what my mum did

when she was broke she would buy pretty sheets and make us curtains fit for princesses.

I decided to make my little cottage into what i dream and so i am words so there are words here

on the walls on the floor and there are books and there is love (and cat hair)



Jullie that is beautiful :)

yes we only have the fairies, dreams, easter bunny footprints etc for a short time....we should all cherish them and hold them close.

Shann xo

Peta said...

What little cuties you and your sister were. I think the teapot idea is fantastic, we all need magic in our lives :)


Oh Jullie, I got all choked up reading that. As we get older the memories, especially of our parents, are sometimes all we have and we should cherish every one of them. The photo of you and your sister so reminds me of my childhood.
Hugz Coll :-}

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

What a beautiful beautiful post! I love your fairy pot idea...and you are right, children are magical and I need to go and kiss mine right now!

I love your blog! I will be back to visit often!

nbeltane said...
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nbeltane said...

Jullie, never stop believing in the Fairies. as my Nan used to say don't point it will make holes in the air and let all the Fairies out. Cherish each day and know that the Fairies, Angels and Butterflies surround you always. Hugs my friend from your friend Nicole

Jen :) said...

One of the things that made my own childhood so magical was you Jullie, my very special big sister who was always there to answer my questions about magical places and fairy folk. My boys have grown up with Aunty Doody's magical teapot and you have helped make their childhood a magical journey just like ours. Thank you.
Your little sister Jen (the one showing her boobys in the photo)

Cheryl said...

Well now you have me crying! Happy tears, of course. Thank you for reminding me that I need to make magic for my children while they are this tiny...
hugs, cheryl