Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Farewell to Picnik it was good while you lasted !

Ahh Picnik is dead and i will miss it sorely .Not nearly so much as my old photodeluxe program which was an early one and was like my right hand.Iloved that program i loved that you could hold pics in a side panel and that that i could clone and erase and add and collage to my hearts content,Alas its so old ot will not run on my laptop if anyone knows a way Photodeluxe 5 will i would be happy forever (or at least a month).Picnik was who i turned to in my grief at my Photodeluxe loss.It was in fact a poor relation but it was sooo much better than nothing and i grew to love it.Now it is gone.I have Picasa and Picmonkey and others i know but its not the same is isn't  home.I know I know we are a fickle lot and i will eventually learn to love another.

My sweet grand daughter Sophia Rose
While talking of pictures i love my google I phone camera it can even take panorama shots although i need much more practice.The pics from my all of the past years blog posts have been taken with my phone camera.Its not perfect but i am happy with it.I tend to edit my favourites in Picasa adding a bit more shadow or light and perhaps darken the edges.All in all i think its wonderful today to have all this at our fingertips.And instantly no waiting for the photos to come back only to find there isnt one good shot.Here's some i took this week around the house and besides i thought you would like to see how my Poppy has grown since she was my joy cat as a kitten.She is still a joy but she is also the bitchiest little thing around.She has absolutely ruined my new lounge covers already. Apparently she likes raspberry lounges too-who knew ! She has also denuded my flowers above the TV unit of all the tiny butterfly bush type flowers that i bought to soften the arrangement,Its been softened alright all over the apartment.I locked her in teh wardrobe accidently for an hour the other day only alerted by banging coming from the bedroom hehe At least she is too big now to be locked in the fridge which happened numerous times when she was a kitten.

My bitchy baby Poppy
Ahh lounging around nothing like it !
Does my gut look big in this !
CATEAUX  anyone (next doors kitten Wadget)


vivian said...

sweet pics! I have to say that I LOVE picmonkey. have you played much with it yet.. I made myself have pink hair! lol! love it!
Happy sunday

theerik said...

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