Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fleeting is Childhoods Dance

She Dances everywhere my God daughter she cannot help it,She lights up life like a little flutterby.
So full of light and life and smiles.She tells me she loves me and asks how much i love her back.I love you as much as all the smarties in the whole wide world I say.She laughs because she knows that's a whole lot of love.

Her Ballet class had an open day and of course i was to be there she had no doubt.After four sons a ballet day is long overdue and to watch her almost made me cry. I bought her the tutu and the shoes, you see it was i who told her that she would take ballet when she was only one and two and three hehe,
What a lovely morning to see the baby ballerinas and to smile and smile.

.Sometimes god is good he was good today !
So sweet so earnest Maddie knows the routines i was so proud.
And as she danced i thought that in one short week she shall be four and as with my sons her childhood is passing so swiftly. I want to cry out STOP just here just now- just for a while be three and free.

Here's to you my little Flutterby may you dance long in this life and stay just as sweet and beautiful as you were today !


Anonymous said...

What a little beauty!!
Have a Great Week!!

Kathy said...

oh my, what a sweet post.
So dear!

vivian said...

what a darling little girl and a wonderful post. Dont we always just wish that our children could be young and that kind of happy for ever!
have a great day!

Rebecca Ednie said...

I love the pic of her and her pal from behind sitting on the floor. Adorable!