Saturday, April 14, 2012

I've gone Kewpie Krazy

Gotta love a Kewpie and i do .I used to collect them and kept them in a tin pram and at xmas they all sported santa hats, When i moved into the apartment i had to get rid of many vintage loves and although i kept the tin prams for flowers i had to give up the Kewpies, But i can still have paper Kewpies and i just created some vintage style decorations for a Swapbot swap.I started with a vintage image then i copied and reversed it so as to have a double sided ornament.I added a candy can which i also reversed so it has two sides and i glued teh candy can between the Kewpie arms so it can be hung off a tree by hooking the cane onto a branch.I gloss popped its eyes and mouth and hair as well as teh candy cane,then some vintage glitter finished off its tiny wings,

i think they are very sweet.

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purplesunset24 said...

Very cute!

Mary (purple24) from Swap-Bot