Monday, May 14, 2012

A few of my Favourite things

Ever wonder why we like the things we do ! Why pink and aqua makes my heart beat a little faster,Why an old jug full of fresh flowers makes me sigh. It just shows how different we each are that what is ordinary to one maybe treasured by another. Its what makes us who we are and its why Pinterest is so interesting it pulls at your dreams it captures your soul-It sucks you in and you don't come out for an hour or so with your head full of new ideas.Its like window shopping for ideas,Its places like Google and Pinterest etc that find you drawn to things you wouldn't have thought of such as my penchant for doors and door knockers, for locks and keys and gypsy wagons.For archways and rooms piled high with books.or lofts strung with fairy lights and for moss covered walls.Its strange the places our hearts yearn for, l love Alice in wonderland things not a fan of the book even as a child,Not even a great fan of the movies even though i could go to wonderland with Johnny Depp.But i love love love all things belonging to Alice .This year i shouted myself a bracelet that i had a yearning for its a Disney couture one ($185 retail i got it for $75 on ebay) and i adore it.Its just so me,I guess i love Alice's whimsicality and don't we all need a little whimsy and a splash of glitter.Talking of glitter i like mine old world and aged and definitely German glass !

Disney Couture Tom Binns Alice in Wonderland mad tea party charm bracelet

So just for the sake of it here are a few of my favourite things.  ( Sorry i am not Oprah you wont be finding the bracelet under your seat you will have to look on ebay where i did)

My favourite artist James Christensen( the more you look the more you see,)

Favourite poem The lady of Shallot.

Favourite possession 

My girl with the dog picture -it hung in my mothers childhood bedroom and in mine and my sisters


 When at 18 i married and left home i paid my sister $5 and a doodle art coloring set for it,

I have always had a fascination with Gypsy's and Gypsy Wagons


Love this interior but i bet living in such a confined space they rarely look like this.

They look like fairytales on wheels

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