Saturday, April 14, 2012

Happily ever after

A dear friend just got married ,It was a fairytale Day lovely weather. The perfect tiniest sweetest Happily ever afterest church ever !I wanted her gift from me to be special you see we have been friends forever (since high school) We have seen each other to hell and back and so it was so nice to see her just glowing with happiness,

 I made her a Tussie Mussie to put atop her wedding present,As with all things that we as crafters make of importance at first i was trying way too hard adding way too much,This is the end result i think she will love it.

The Happily Ever After Church

Angela and Ray and Angela's sweet grand daughter.

And there were bubbles...
And as the back of their Tussie proclaims may they live Happily Ever After


ladychiara said...

Absolutely darling Jules!

Anonymous said...

thanks jullie very nice