Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Sweet Aussie Artist Giveaway

BUT..this is not just any old giveaway...WE'RE TALKING HUGE HERE!
she has rounded up the best of the best Aussie Girls here to bring you a giveaway full of SOOOO MUCH GORGEOUS-NESS you wont believe your eyes!
Even i made something -A sweet and sinister tussie to add to the goodies.There is
so much sweetness you just may dribble, so pop on over to shannons b;log Paintminepink and leave a comment.
who knows you could be a big winner of many lovely things.


Glenda said...

Hi Julles I'm in. Either prize will do me lol.

glenda said...

hi Julles only me again.Is it very hard to make one of those Tussies,I would like to make a couple for me and my sister for Christmas.Love yours.

Paper Cat Designs said...

Hi Jules! Just popped over to say hello and noticed you are having a give away! (heehee) Thank you so much for the gifts and your visits to my blog! I sure do appreciate them. I'll be posting an article about the goodies on my blog today. Have a beautiful day my friend.

Hugs! =D

LisaLaughs said...

oooooooooh!!! This is gorgeous!! Sounds like a phenomenal giveaway, too!! Have a sweet day, Jules!!

MelsRosePlace said...

Hi Jules - i just found your blog from Shannons! Wow i just LOVE LOVE LOVE your Halloween stuff, that is my favourite thing! Will be back to visit soon, Mel xxx

Rue said...

Hi Jules :)

I had no idea you girls were having a giveaway. I just came over to say thank you for leaving a comment, but now I'm heading on over to Shannon's blog ;)

Darling tussie!!


Paper Cat Designs said...

Hi Ms. Jules!

Just wanted to let you know that I have a surprise for you over on my blog!

In answer to your question, no I have not entered the give away but I plan to! ;)

Have a beautiful and creative day.

Cheers! =D

Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

Hi Jules!!!
Thank you for thinkin' of me ;o)
Sweetie, life has been so wild lately but I miss you beautiful ladies too!!
Take care Aussie sister & I will try not to be a stranger ...
oh by the way that is a gorgeous tussie you have produced!!! such talent you have ... love it!!!!

Carol said...

Hi Jules..
I like your tussie too! And that cuti-pie little babe in the photos on your post below, awwww, what a doll baby!! she needs a big hug. I am still alive out here, just finished up my most recent swap, "Vintage Halloween" swap. So, very soon to begin on your little lovelies for the stocking swap. I am so slow at bloggin lately w/my new job & life being so Full! Hope you are well,
hugs Carol

Laurie said...

That's so cute Jules!

cherub*wishes said...

Hi Jules... I know don't you wish our babies could've stayed that way ... I for one do!!! Just said last night how I missed those days ... but it's in the order of things that they grow wings and take flight LoL :o)
Hope you & yours had a wonderful birthday celebration...
Many more!!