Friday, September 12, 2008

Camera fun in panorama

Just a few Panoramas Neil took in our house .
He could have waited till i cleaned the kitchen lol
it wasn't visitor ready at all but since you lot are friends
why just come on in !The shelf is in my purpose built in vintage
Plate pantry (my own idea that i really love)And before any of you ask them cups sit there year after year and have never fallen.No not even when a short plump lady(Resembling somewhat little Miss Pepperpot) hid in there to scare the family cats.The Pink room is just a walk through sitting room
with a fainting lounge and old treadle sewing machine it also houses the plate pantry.


LisaLaughs said...

Love the teacup pyramid!! Your kitchen is lovely!! :o)


Cottage Rose said...

I need to see bigger piccies, I love sticky beaking.

How are you keeping, sorry I haven`t kept in contact, life has been busy.

I read the teapot fairy post, loved the idea!


Peta said...

I would love to have a camera that did this. Love your home as always, Jules :)

Laurie said...

I love the look Jules!