Monday, October 6, 2008

spring in the mountains

Well spring has definitely came to my part of the world,flowers are everywhere
even in my little garden amongst the weeds.My snowdrops finished with winter and now the blubells are out as is my flowering peach and azaleas.Also the first roses from the new ones i planted so exciting to see them.The birds are out too and the kookaburras have again found their laughter.Bad emmilou would love to picnic on a rozella but we have two bells on her collar so she can stalk them but they hear her coming.It makes you want to do things when the weather is warmer unfortunately i have been really ill and cant get a hold on my asthma so its xrays and steroids and specialists for me.The only good thing is the steroids have helped my RSI so good i can at least sit and craft.


Laurie said...

My girls are going to love the pictures of the birds. I love your flowers.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Spring is springing for you, and we are welcoming autumn here.
What a wonderful and amazing world!