Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brambles at last for my Brambly Cottage

At last there are brambles coming to my Brambly Cottage.Since i named out little cottage some 8 years ago its Bramble less state has been a concern to me.At last
I have not just a gate and a picket fence (which one should always have to live happily ever after as you know)I now also have several climbing large and miniature roses that i am waiting to take over the said fence.There are a few flowers and i think by next spring we may be indeed a proper cottage yet.I also want raspberries and i would have blackberries but alas they are against the law here.Lavenders and daisies also will be here.I want a pastel theme which Neil refuses to understand at all.No i said the red geraniums are backyard plants i am having only pink and blue and white here.Here is the start of the brambles.I also have a wooden swing frame that we took from next doors front last council cleanup.Much to neil and Alexs disgust and i plan on climbing another rose all over it and hanging a rope swing as a garden feature,i think it will be lovely (they think as usual i am mad,we shall see) So now i have the cottage ,the picket fence and the two cottage window cats its all coming together.Now for the pumpkins that need to take over the yard hmm


Laurie said...

I love the flower and the path looks so nice! I am so happy for you that the cottage your are dreaming of is coming together. I can just see the roses all over in my mind.

nbeltane said...

i agree with laurie, its going to look so lovely when all of the flowers are in bloom.

LisaLaughs said...

Your pictures are so beautiful!! What a lovely place to be and be inspired by!! Cheers!
Lisa :o)