Saturday, August 9, 2008

I captured the Castle

Yes i do i have my very own castle.Well i dont actually own it but since i moved up the Mountains in 1988 my boys and I have been fascinated by Springwoods own little Castle.
Named Bunda it lies hidden between the railway line and the Highway.Very private set in a fairytale garden with ivy and trees its one of those places you would only catch a glimpse of.
My Sons would beg me to go down the little castle side was the stuff of dreams if not knights.Finally the trees and garden have been thinned during renovations allowing a glimpse.
Armed with my zoom i managed to capture the castle. I must say having seen a roller door on the main turret crushed my dreams a little.Still it is our castle and im very glad it was hidden there for my sons and I to dream..


Sue said...

Hi Jules, are you ok, or have you been taken away in a paddy wagon for stalking!!!Thankyou for risking your freedom, and sharing great photos, but can you get in a bit closer next time Lol

Rhondamum said...

That is so neat! Wish we had places like that here in Tennessee! I love old castles, visited a few when I lived in the UK. Is this one haunted? That would make it extra cool!

Just got home from my weekend away. Hope you had a great one!


Paper Cat Designs said...

This is amazing! What a little slice of perfection! Just popped in to say hello. I tried e-mailing you but it bounced back to me. :( I would still like to make a trade. ;)

Cheers! =D

Heartinmyhand said...

Very cool place to let your imagination wander

nbeltane said...

that would be so dreamy