Thursday, August 28, 2008

Late for the Tea Party

Oh what am i to do im late for Glenda of Sweet Daisy Dreams tea Party
So sorry Glenda for my Tardiness my RSI has me behind in everything.
So here is my tea party ,Really its a fav pic that was one of the ones published in a magazine of my then Dining room before the great room reshuffle.
The tea set is a vintage one given to me by a lady i bought a number of antiques off
i just love it.I adore the reserved sign i got from the op shop it is such fun.
Thats the window my dad made us as a wedding gift.It makes that room beautiful.
You can see the room is now just a look gorgeous room that has my fainting lounge and old treadle in it also another teaset from Robert Gordon (ya gotta love him)
set upon a small round tea trolley.Also as part of my tea party check out my plate pantry isnt it devine it holds many teasets and bits of teasets in its interior.
I had it built to hold my vintage china and i love it !Hope you had a fine afternoon tea even if it was a little late.Thankyou for coming.


nbeltane said...

jules you know i love your room, and it looked so pretty with the table in it and i still love your china room too..

glenda sellwood said...

Thank you for coming and better late than never.Love the look of your room and tea settings.I hope you had from glenda

Dolly said...

Oh Jullie I loooove your dinning room!
Those windows are soooooo beautiful!
Everything is!
I could live in your pantry! :-)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,
Hugz, Dolly

Sue said...

Yay! Love seeing your home, I'll have to come back for a visit soon...

Rhondamum said...

Wow! That is picture perfect. I love everything. You did a beautiful job decorating your home. Thanks for sharing!


you know thats my favourite room in your home.
I could sit and look at stuff all day in there....and yes those windows :)
Your dad was amazing.