Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My new Amoire and a bedroom Floozy

Okay so some men around here say its a tatty old wardrobe missing a door and a drawer.
But when i saw this for sale on ebay from Sue at Junk it Junction i just knew i had to have it.
You know how sometimes you just know,Well anyway i knew and so it came to live at my house.
never mind i had to reshuffle you dont wanna know how many things and almost turned the house upside down.never mind that when my bed was piled with stuff( taken from the other dresser that had to be shifted to the back room) yes never mind that at 10 that night my husband said goodnight and tucked himself in the spare room bed unconcerned at the horror.Anyway now it is done and i love it.See how it goes so well with my $12 ebay bargain shelf above the bed. I do love my room now but dont you think i need antique white sidetables now.Prettychic blog that i am in had bedroom as the room of the month take a peek the link is on the sidebar.

Meet Cynthia she is my mannequin and a bit of a floozy ( I did once catch her on my bed with Neil -who insisted she fell on him while he was sweeping hmm)She is a fond reminder of my dear friend Desley who passed away last year after a hard battle with cancer.It was when she used to drive a little VW and we were out in the rain one day and spied her on the verandah of an antique store-Desley being Desley saw my eye on her and bought her for my Birthday . So there we were in the rain with a very unco operative cynthia trying to stuff her inside the vw that already had the days junking in it .Talk about funny.Anyway Cynthia is still fallng for people
she is a bit loose and i dont just mean her morals.She does like the amoire but they have a leaning arrangement already lol

My Doorway decoupage of love letters etc on the bedroom floor where the hall polished woodebn floor meets the bedroom floor which is a different wood.Makes a nice transition i think.


Dolly said...

Julie I love the armoire...... Its perfect!
Your bedroom is so warm and cozy!


Our Prim Nest said...

love the armoire. Very neat. Smiles!

Sue said...

Julie, I had to show my daughter your photos, and she said they look like they're straight from a magazine! I told her your whole home is like that! They look gorgeous, but Im the lucky one to have seen the real thing! I wish I'd kept that 'armoire'!You get all my good stuff!

Joseph Wright said...

Is it true that you sleep on the couch because it takes sooooo long to move all the items off your bed, You don't wish to wrinkle it or because the cat is generally curled up on it and you do not wish to disturb it.
Looks lovely too.

xxx Your favourite Bro

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

WOW!!!! Your room is beyond gorgeous!!! LOVE the armoire and the shelf above the bed. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

hey!! i love love the decoupage on the doorway that is such a great idea and super cool! im still enjoying my swap i got from you i just reopened the box!! smells lovely! hugs


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you to make sure you have a look at my blog today ~ I featured the GORGEOUS artwork that you sent to me. Thank you again; you don't know how special you made me feel!
Your bedroom is so pretty and romantic!

Dirty Butter said...

My, My!! I hopped over from your comment on my blog, just to see what kind of old things you might be writing about. Was I in for a pleasant surprise. Your bedroom DOES look like it's straight from a magazine shoot! Lovely is just not adequate.

I look forward to reading more of your posts. Come back to my blog anytime and share your memories.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh girl..look at us, we are kindred spirits!!
wooh hoo

Anonymous said...

First, thanks so much for stopping by my Blog! Your story about the cat in the cake and the way you describe Cynthia cracks me up I can't wait to read more!! And I absolutely adore your room. Jannet

Anonymous said...

chippy goodness love it!

nbeltane said...

love that armoire jules.. and you know i adore what you have done with the floor, its just ohhhh so sweet