Sunday, August 31, 2008

I was telling Rhonda (Rhondasmum blog) my new friend (won her in a tussie swap) my fav thing in the kitchen On my old enamel stove is an old enamel teapot.It looks nothing special one of those cream and green enamel ones.But for 20 years it has been
"The Fairy Teapot",When small my sons would sometimes find treats or small presents if they had been terribly good (or sick or sad).
Perhaps once a week to their delight.Sometimes the fairies would be adventurous and send them on a hunt to get their treat notes being left leading from teapot to tree to garden and finally in a ring of stones or flowers there would be their gift.
If things had been too terrible (as often they were with four boys) a note may be found a tiny tiny note written in scrawly disappointed writing bearing witness to the horror they had witnessed that week on their fairy rounds.And i would say see they have seen you boys fighting etc etc The boys would be full of remorse at upsetting the fairies (it was ok to devestate the mother but Oh not the fairies).My nieces my nephews and visiting children would be treated thus and it was always a time of magic.I would hear visiting kids whispering to their mums and know they were asking if they could check the teapot.
The legend of that teapot is epic and i now have friends kids of 25 with children of their own who smile and ask if i still have the teapot.i would scour op shops for tiny worthy gifts and always had sweets in back up.And although i myself still fervently Believe -i have four sons who alas do not.I miss those fairy days.I still have children visit Caleb and Sam and now Maddy when she gets old enough willbe told of the treats instore as still do my nephews and cousins children.
So you see old fairies never die(although they may get fatter).
Its nice in this age of computers and bras for 4 year olds to have magic still
exist in childhood. After all you are a long time grown up and only a child for the blink of a fairies eye !


Rhondamum said...

I am so glad you shared this with everyone, including me. I love this idea and am going to find an old pot to use with my daughters. They will really enjoy it, as they are enjoying the tooth fairy right now, why not this fairy too. Thanks for adding some magic to their life!



nbeltane said...

jules, im crying now. i love your teapot story it beautiful.. and yes i still believe :)

Carol said...

hello & so glad to meet you. looking forward to our Christmas swap. Love to dream and think of fairy tales & goodness. Yes time goes by too fast and children are made to grow up tooo fast, I am still trying to hold onto mine tightly! You have a nice blog & sounds like you have wonderful memories of a great dad!
ps. your "dream" banner you made is so lovely!
hugs, Carol


And you know what? I am soooo honoured that you include my Sam in your Teapot journey Jules.

You are truly one in a million.

Luv You

Anonymous said...

what a darling story
it makes me realize that my boys childhood is slipping away at a frightening speed!!
thanks for stopping by GaGa for Garlands, hope you will be inspired enough to join in the Hallo-wreath challenge!?!?
Enjoy the rest of your week

Country Wishes said...

That is the cutest story ever, i love it!! Jules you sure are a special gal..

LisaLaughs said...

Jules, this is such a delightful story - thanks for making me smile. In the midst of our everyday humdrum, thank you for helping us remember that there is still some magic left in the world!!! I do believe in fairies!! (Love how my pointer magically becomes a fairy on you blog!)!!!!


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Sweet, sweet story Jules!