Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thinking of My Father

Three long years now,i cry less and miss you more. Especially coming up
to September fathers Day after all is so close to the anniversary of your death.
The first day of spring and finally you flew from this earth and were free
i prefer to think of it like that.No more pain no more cancer no more being frightened,just no more.Also no more anyone to be my dad and to fix things.
You could and did glue and nail just about everything together and sometimes
i just want to ask your advice even if just to hear you say i dunno love.
We called you the bodgie King cause you could do just about anything.
5 feet tall (thanks for all the height dad) and every inch of it as stubborn as
as umm as maybe me !You were a gentleman in an age where gentlemen are rare.
I know you were mums knight in short plump armour.She misses you every day,
well she misses you every breath.So on fathers day my father i will be grateful that you were mine.


nbeltane said...

Hugs, you know im thinking of you... and that your dad and my nan are probably up there having a great old giggle that we are down here missing them so much.. hugs sweetheart..

glenda sellwood said...

Your Dad sounds alot like mine.I lost my Dad 23 years ago and I often sit and think what would things be like if he was still here.

Rhondamum said...

That was really beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss. I understand that empty hole in your heart. I have the same where my grandma used to be. But like you said, no more pain and only happy dancing now! I know he's wathcing over you with great love and pride!


Oh Jules......