Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Blog Name

Well i have a new Blog name,Whimsical notions is more me.
I havent liked Jullies world as a title for ages but i thought that i would have a think first.
Whimsical notions is who i am,what i have,what i create.Its what i have always liked about creating things,you are the creator its up to you.I love to take different things and put them together and make something completely different.Some people okay don't understand it and think its a waste of time.
Well hell some people go to the moon and other people rob id rather make a whimsical notion.Just the word whimsy makes me smile. Thats it and i hope it makes me post more often.
I like to post but i like to create stuff even more and i dont just mean mess lol.
I tidy the craft room up and put everything neatly in its place
I have a making binge and the next minute
It looks like the local kindergarten broke in and trashed the place
around my chair the tide looks like it came in with tiny paper clippings and glitter always glitter
and bits of ribbon etc.My friend Carmen said the other day her husband always knows when she has been here with me as she has glitter on her. Ahh but there is worse things in this world.


Sue said...

There are worse things out there!I love the blog name, it suits you to a 'T'! Where are the photos of your new cupboard?? Would love to see them!

nbeltane said...

a perfect name for you jules suits you. hugs

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Whimsy makes me smile too! Beautiful new banner Jullie!!

Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

hi jules!!!
love your new name ... i miss visits with you ... hope you have a beautiful weekend!!
hugs, dionne