Thursday, June 5, 2008

Newest Atc cards

The altered playing card below is a favorite of mine and yes my favorite bird and moon are there. this one is called childhood.

I have really enjoyed making my recent Atc cards .I finally taught myself to make a template
for pop up atc cards.You pull the tab at the top and it pops up.Now i am VERY imaginative
but not very Technically minded at all so i get so frustrated,when i can visualize what i want to make but don't know how to do it.So anyway you don't wanna know how long that simple template took me to work out. Anyhow now i can use it for many cards lol
here are some i have made .The little corset one actually laces up and guess what i had to use a NEEDLE and thread,both foreign objects to this gluing gal.The baby Atc has a removable baby in the old fashioned pram.I just love my stc cards to open or move in some way.Please click on the image and when it enlarges it is much easier to see the way they pop up.
The ones below were for a triangle atc swap on swapbot. I made glitter drop from the hand onto the little girl.
Oh the extra wings were because i 3d'd the wings on that card so when i printed it out i printed extra wings to cut out separate.


nbeltane said...

jules these are great i love the triangle ones.


Anonymous said...

I'm not bloggin' gal, just sneaki' in to spy!!
My whole bloggin' thing will have a make over and re-shuffle this summer (I'll probably take it out and drown it, then start again!!)
Love the new ATC cards AND those banners....can I put my order in now please?
lol. xxxxx's


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I am trying to find your e-mail so I can write to you..... please let me know.....
your kindness and generosity are overwhelming and touching beyond words.

Laurie said...

I love that card and I still have mine you made for me. I love the new name for your blog and I need to update that on my blog.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Love your ATC cards!!
Hugs, Barbara

Paper Cat Designs said...

Oh WOW! I absolutely LOVE the pop up idea! You are a clever girl and your cards are just lovely.

I have added you to my list of magical and delicious places to visit!

Cheers! =D

Paper Cat Designs said...

Hello Ms. Jules,

Thank you again for the beautiful comments you left on my blog. I will
absolutely take you up on your offer for the pop up template! WOW!
What a delightful surprise! Your pop ups are just wonderful! Thank you again for the offer!

Have a beautiful day and fairy blessings to you!

Cheers! =D