Saturday, June 23, 2007

Late for wedding week my four sons.

I just love the photographs of my sons at our wedding seven years ago.
They looked so sweet in their suits.Thats just the sweetest little church behind them set on a hill in a country lane,its a happy ever after church and even though i had been divorced i so wanted to be married in a church,the minister was so lovely.
My girlfriend took all our wedding snaps she did a fabulous job.I told her beforehand what sort i wanted hence this blues brothers line up.And yes the sky really was that blue.It had been a week of freezing windy weather we had to change our garden party reception at the last minute and behold the day was lovely.Ok The tallest is Matthew followed by Timothy then Joel and the tiny one is Alex he was pageboy.What a difference 7 years makes Alex is now almost 14 instead of almost 7.Ahh but i miss them boys.



Hmmm, I'm having trouble with the vision of you in a beanie in bed Julles - lol.
Love the pic of the boys. What a shame they turn into men-lol.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Daisy said...

Here, here on that one coll! I guess it's our role in life as responsible women and mothers to make sure that they stay firmly in their place and don't get above their station!!!!!! (Jokin' - sort of!!) xxx

Daisy said...

P.S. Great minds think alike "bosom friend". Check out my blog darling

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

How precious is this!