Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dreary day suprises are the best

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Once upon a day so dreary,kinda down and very teary, when along comes my Partea swap from the fabulous Linda of lilly cottage I asked her does she have shares in a Tissue paper factory,Gotta love a gift so swathed in blue tissue sprinkled with stars,suddenly the day grew brighter and all the world seemed much more righter ! (poetic licence here) Here is my patched and embroidered wall hanging
fabulous .

Wow i was so lucky rose painted sugar cubes,felt cupcakes
handmade (with sprinkles no less) as was my wallhanging,Teabags Robert gordon cup/saucer.A tiny bird and crystal ended teaspoon,all packaged and labelled and rosey and crafty and i adore them thankyou Linda.

A scroll poem enclosed explained the letters P is for Pink patty cakes sweet and full of fun A is for a crystal teaspoon that sparkles in the sun etc ended with I have made a new friend Jullie who lives in mountains blue All from visiting Risa in America_who knew!


Peta said...

Gorgeous, you did very well and Lily is very talented!


OOOHHH look at all those pretties !!!!
Lucky lucky you. Because we always need more pretties :)