Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bunting makes you happy

It does i Tell you,who can be sad looking at bunting.Especially pink and patterned bunting. My dear dear friend Joan (who also happens to be mother to my dear dear friend Chris) sent me this bunting which i blush to say i may have hinted for her to make for my birthday. Not only did she make it she posted it instead of waiting for me to visit.I adore it,its happy bunting. I ended up putting it accross my quilt rack that also contains a green quilt made by Joan.She is very talented and really doesnt think so .How fabulous does her bunting look !

On another positive note Id like to thank a girls day out for lifting my spirits and putting life into perspective.I am a chicken basicly ,i mean i like my safe little life my house my favourite op shops i like spring to follow winter and people to be nice to each other.I like christmas and easter and fairies .When stuff happens i really try to make the best but i try to stay safe.My friends made me see that not all changes are bad and im trying to embrace the future wherever it takes me.Thats all ,a day out with 3 longtime girlfriends can be a huge comfort,they have all had knocks some huge,ones husband was killed many years ago leaving her with two kids,ones ex husband is friends with the devil and years later he lives the high life whilst she tries to get her half of the settlement.The last had her breast removed months ago from cancer and has just endured months of chemo without whinging and without support.So i guess no ones lot is an easy one and we cope the best we can.We need our friends and im sure blessed with my friends especially since i count my mum and sister in that lot !

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You definately needed that day out chookie :)
Those friends sound kinda like keepers to me :)