Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers day

My mum and Dad (my favourite picture of my Mum and Dad they look so happy and in love

Happy Mothers day to all mothers,especially to my very own mother and my sister too. My mother is still one of my best friends ,we can tell each other anything.I have counted on her in good times and in terrible times and thank her for the times she has pulled me through. I remember as a child how she could make magic out of ordinary things.A sheet became curtains flour and butter and sugar became a birthday cake.A boring saturday became a picnic on the lawn.The sacrifices she made were only obvious with time,She was our mum and we loved her . Its a bond shared by mums everywhere.We struggle,we sometimes lose the plot,The sticky fingers on the wall,the constant chatter and mess.Then we let them go and we want to say no im not finished yet.But off they go and with them parts of our hearts. My own drove me nuts,the fighting the tears,the anger of youth.But although i dont miss that, I do miss the fairies and the whispers at christmas and the begging at birthdays,I miss the "I will never ever ask you mum for another thing as long as i live "(yeah right). I miss the"Please mum, just one more mum" (one more minute on this game,one more biscuit,one more chance) I miss the hugs ,i miss the laughter ,i guess really i just miss my boys. Still i have one at home who has spent hours making my card so i am not totally devoid of children. And i share my sisters three boys the two youngest sometimes remind me i am lucky to have peace !LOL .So to all you mums Have a great day and hug them babies cause in a minute they will be all grown up.

This is my Brother Joey and myself


Cherub*Kisses said...

Jules :)
You know you had me in tears again LOL!! I love your post ... simply beautiful!! What a special weekend you're going to have with the boys for Mother's Day & your birthday!!
Have fun! fun! fun!
Big Hugs! Dionne

Clare said...

Your mum and dad look so happy in that photo, it's wonderful! We have Mother's Day in March here in England but a very Happy Mother's Day to all mums in the States!

a bit of pink heaven said...

Happy Mother's Day! I too have one still at home, 2 grown at university (one is home for the summer). They do grow up way too fast. Enjoy your day!

Peta said...

Love your pictures Jullie! I have been hugging my babies lots after reading your post :)

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

what a wonderful post jullie =) happy mother's day!!! and HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!! debbie

FourSistersInACottage said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! Great picture of your Mom and Dad.
Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Twinkle Pink said...

It's true they grow up too fast. I can't believe where all the years have gone.

It was a lovely post your mum and dad looked great but you and your brother look sooo cute!

best wishes Ginny

Sue said...

I love your blog, and you gave me more reason to keep on collecting,though my family would not agree!Thankyou, you made my day, Sue