Monday, May 7, 2007

Pink tissue,tears and friends

I am sitting here surrounded by tears and pink tissue ,amidst a wonderful wonderful surprise parcel sent to me by Peta (Make mine pink ) .
Thank you soooo much .While i was bursting into tears i grabbed the camera first, so you could all be with me as i opened the parcel .So beautiful i adore the tiny wreath she sat on the top held on by Chantilly chic ribbon.
Next I open up the box burst into tears and see there are bows on everything.They are all pink ,all different and tiny polka dot bows -my favourite everywhere like sprinkles >
A beaded doily, a teddy teabag rest ,a teddy plaque, a friends are family we choose ourself magnet (so true), a tiny tiny bag of rose potpourri ,chipboard family tags and a tiny resin jointed bear (my personal fave).
I love it love it love it Its the kind of thing i do often for others but is not often done for me
Mum and my sister aside .What is it about a surprise gift, out of the blue -its just the best thing .Thank you Peta you are a great friend .


Peta said...

Happy to surpise you Jullie :) You are such a lovely person and deserve lots of good things :)

a bit of pink heaven said...

Oh what a fun surprise! Yes, I got my banner up and today will write about it in my blog. It's so sweet. Thank you so much!