Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vinnies is a friend of mine


Oh yes and when i say vinnies i mean Op shop as in St vinnies and salvos and any little op shop i can get my little hands on,its the thrill of the search and it just never gets old, Its hard these days to find things though that make my heart beat fast but it still happens,These are two of my latest finds both of which made me go ahhh.The card stand is something that i have wanted for an age,I live in a small space with a large craft stash (she who dies with the most supplies wins remember) The card stand takes up a small space and fits an awful awful lot on it,Which has freed up more space for me elsewhere and also makes things more easily found and seen with a turn of the stand so i am thrilled,I can add to that hang things off it and have put dowels to hold my washi tape as well.the bargain price was $20 and i happily pushed it out to my car where im glad no hidden camera caught me trying to stuff it in my car ,I drove home with several inches hanging out the window,The smaller one that none the less thrilled me was a set of 12 vintage Chinese paper party  lanterns still in their unopened pack.. For the princely sum of 50 cents not all heart thumpers are expensive.Something about these little paper lanterns makes you smile and feel good .

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