Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Altered art and a crafting frenzy.

Altered Alice in wonderland bottle with inside scene
Close up of top detail.

It has a bottle necklace with a drink me tag attached




I love to package

See what i mean heres a nest

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 I love these little paper top hats they are made
from an A4 sheet of paper
this is my first one ever since then have made another which i will show later,
I seem to always sneak in a birds nest and eggs someplace on my work,

 I love these paper dresses made from a simple template that you paper embellish and dress as desired,mine has a double tulle ruffle and embroidered trim detail offset with tiny pearl and a smattering of fairy dust praline and cream glitter (my new favourite)
 I had a try at a simple step card and i must say
i am loving the scope with these,

 This is a vintage valentine Fairy skinny for swapbot,
A skinny is like an atc card only larger at 3X5
 Another Valentine fairy i collaged digitally just on picmonkey I added the flower dress to her and hearts etc


 These are two Marie Atc cards for swapbot and also the reverse,I am trying a new idea of adding a pocket to te back of my atc cards to hold a note from me and a few extra treats,

Love making cards especially with this cuttlebug die,
Valentine paper heart swap

 Another swapbot swap for paper valentine hearts,
Love making these ,the second i had a partner who loves witches so i made her a witch heart with you have Bewitched me as a caption,

A Halloween in wonderland themed Tussie Mussie 


Alice Altered whiskey bottle
Loved making this bottle,So many details and thats what i love,.

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