Saturday, January 12, 2013

A fairy turns one

Card i made Sophia

Happy birthday to my Little Grand daughter Sophia Rose.
I love love love being a grandmother !
 I never thought i would feel the way I do about my sons with anyone else but i do.
Its that loving so much it hurts kinda love
 The knowing you would throw yourself in front of a moving car to protect them kind of love,
As i tell Sophia and my god daughter Maddie its the I love you to the moon kind of love.
\She had a little party and all her friends were there,
There was cakes and pink iced biscuits and she had a ball, Her dress looked like Alice in wonderland it had net petticoats and even in the heat she laughed all day,

AND i almost forgot she is really truly WALKING !

This is the fabulous water play boat Tim got her.

Always Happy tha'ts my girl !

Love this pic with Mummy Megan.

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