Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas memories for 2012

This year my God children and i have started a new tradition of making a GINGER BREAD HOUSE,We had a ball and made a lot of mess,Mixing the egg white icing was hysterical with Caleb mixing and Maddie spooning in the icing sugar as he mixed.The next minute it was snowing icing sugar and we all felt very Christmassy, WE had fun decorating it once it was glued together with icing and ate as many sweets as we put on it,Caleb put a little icing boy on the roof and i remarked that like Caleb he must have adhd and his icing mum was probably telling him to get down right away,On seeing the icing boy their mother asked why he was on the roof and Maddie told her cause Aunty Jullie said he has what Caleb has got .So we have plans for a bigger house next year

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