Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do Ants have towels ?

That's what he asked me when he was 4 as well as other gems like how does god put the toes on when he makes babies,you can see how toes may be difficult,Lucky he had me to tell him that God is just good at that sort of stuff, He was (well he still is in fact) my eldest son Matthew.Matt had genius level IQ a fact apparent then and now. The ringleader in many of my four sons childhood adventures and misadventures,The one least caught but you always knew he had made the evil plot and his brothers (his minions) had merely carried it out.I would go down to their play area on the 3 acres we owned at Springwood commonly known as my boys BAD BASE and there would be ropes strung between trees up over branches weighted down with rocks etc, Look Matt would say if you trip this then it will move that and lift this and pull that and etc etc and in the end capture something (usually me !) Upon lifting said rock yes that is exactly what would happen.He is using his powers for good not evil these days.I'm terribly proud of him even if i don't understand half of what he does but then again I'm sure he knows nothing of some of my craft techniques,I should have realized when he read Lord of the Rings aged 8 when the other children were reading golden books.The past few months he has been making his own computer, when i say making i mean he didn't go buy a case and all the parts he made the lot soldiered and cabled etc even the pipes for the water cooling system he had to research and find.If there are holes on the case he made the holes.Sooo clever i cannot tell you and all meticulously planned and executed while he has been working full time and he and his lovely partner Suzie have both been completing Uni. Oh and i forgot he has also been learning Spanish as he is on his way soon to south America,Here is a link for those who unlike me may know what they are looking at

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Linda J. said...

I love those treasured gems - and always encourage young Mums to write them down.

My eldest daughter's famous pear of wisdom was

"If you are not meant to pick your nose, how come it has holes and how come your fingers fit. " I was speechless. hehehehe