Friday, October 19, 2012

Changing it round

Silver and Crystal it just goes togther !
When you live in a small space (and i do!) nad you have a lot of stuff (hmm and i may !) then best thing is to keep it fresh change it round and always be going through and getting rid of stuff,I am a bower bird i am always but always bringing things home.On a recent day out to Katoomba with my mum and sister we of course went op shopping and found bargains.
The Silver old sheffield teapot was one of my treasures from the day,.For a while i have known i NEEDED one to go next to my table chandelier.I love it,it makes me happy and i had fun polishing it up with some bi carb and boiling water. The thing is i am constantly changing and re arranging the little still lifes around my apartment (its spotless so this week yes it is an apartment and not a flat ).It keeps it fresh and interesting,
here are some reason changes and rearranges,I also put my wooden screen outside on my balcony as its much roomier without it and people can actually sit at my table without hunching and breathing in,.
This little vintage tin pram houses my lavender plants.
 When mum came to visit (she is like the energizer bunny and never but never stops) we went and bought new plants and made my balcony beautiful,So now i actually do sit out there with my secret apartment cat Poppy and eat breakfast  which is a lovely thing to do.I am however breaking the balcony trend around here which is to have assorted mismatched broken chairs and dead pot plants and rotting bamboo blinds.Its a trend i am happy to break,My balcony although tiny and my balcony off my bedroom which houses my exercise machine and clothes line are as close as i get to a yard so i feel they need some love.
Just a little sun trap where i can eat breakfast

Im always changing display groups
Moving my screen outside freed up badly needed room

Love my cane lounge with the swan arms

My hall is TINY as in TEENY TINY  so of course i bought a huge hall table.

Another place that is constantly changing soon my xmas forest will appear,

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Lorelle said...

I like what you did with the screen. It makes the room look much bigger and yet you can still see its beauty. Very nice. The addition of the plants is nice. I couldn't live without being surrounded by plants. Calming. Your home is always beautiful, you have a great eye for making it so with lovely details. Love it.