Thursday, March 8, 2012

The terrible tale of a shattered dream.( or lousy lounges )

When i was little crimson was my favourite colour.
Now Raspberry has invaded my White apartment ( and i think i like it ! ) Raspberry is the new colour sweeping the world of decor.(  Is it just me or does Raspberry look a lot like Crimson) Anyway you know how it is- i had been looking on eBay for two new armchairs,Of course  I really would have liked 2 wing back chairs in a delicate shade of blush or a barely there duck egg blue,Alas my budget and the need for them to be close by for delivery meant settling for less than the dream.
I thought i got two nice creamy kind of armchairs UNTIL they were delivered and as the man brought the chair cushions up i screamed inside my head NOOO you see  the colour wasn't cream ,What it was was a mustardy icky baby poo greeny gold colour.You with me ( is the horror hitting you, cause It hit me real fast.I couldn't live with them i just couldn't.,
So off i go sweeping the web for armchair covers and hoping i don't make another mistake..Who knew they were so expensive and yes ugly, No way I want the ones that look like you flung a sheet over them,Then i found some that looked passable the colour choice wasn't great but in the end i chose Raspberry and i love it.What do you think,I bought a new vase and flowers to pick up the colour,Now i just have to redo my cane two seater and add some raspberry cushions, Ahh a woman's decorating is never done.

Has she noticed I'm up here yet ?? wait is that a birdy !

The larger flowers didn't show up too well but they are definitelya Raspberry Burgandy crimsony colour.

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~LilCountryBelle~ said...

That raspberry color is beautiful. I like dark bright colors.