Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rainy days are Craft Days

Been busy at my craft desk such a small happy space.I love to sit at my antique oak secretaire which butts up against my bed on one side and my sliding balcony doors on the other.I love my secretaire come computer desk.trouble is since its right against my bed half of what I'm doing ends up on my bed hehe,Anyway i did 10 ATC cards with vintage pansy seed packets on them and used various techniques,Flower soft 3d effect glossy glaze and glitter,gloss pen for the words,I am happy with them.I love pansies.

 I also have had Tussles to make one for my friend  in Queensland (Cheryl ) And also for her daughter little Emily Rose who talks to me to on skype when Cheryl and i are talking .Cheryl's is a vintage Easter tussle and Emily Rose is a princess one.Tonight i will fill them with goodies and treats before posting them  Tomorrow.I also made one for a swap with my friend Jennie who lives up the mountains that i miss so much (also a vintage Easter tussle i used old lace that was saved from a ruined pillow sham.) Thought id take photos this time as i made them its all in the finishing.I don't use a pattern i usually start with an 8x8 or 6x6 piece of scrapping paper backing it before i roll it into a cones shape.If you want a plain flat ice cream cone shape then you start with a 3/4 semi circle.I use a bread and butter plate for that one.

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Linda J. said...

Julie your work is amazing ~ so pretty and enchanting.

Well done on such beautiful creations.

Love and hugs,

Lynne said...

I so love your tussies, they are adorable. Not in your ATC swap group so sniffing here but love your work and always enjoy a squizz.

Ros said...

Julie everything is just so pretty. Love, love them all..

Laura said...

I know where to come when I have questions or need inspiration for ATC's! Your pansy ATC's are wonderful!
Laura (from swap-bot)

Tracy's Photogaphs said...

beautiful! Tracy from swap bot.

Rebecca Ednie said...

Your work is gorgeous! These are amazing! I read the post about your son. I agree, God doesn't give specific kids to specific mothers because they are strong. What a crock. When life sends us difficulties, we either become strong or become institutionalized! I'm only partly kidding. Many mothers run out on their families when difficulties arise. May you be blessed in your life with your son.