Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Psst God are you listening !!

I  had a conversation (argument) with my three year old god daughter Maddie today over where her grandfather lived,She wanted she said to make him an Easter card  and she was most insistent that he lived in heaven,Oh you mean Daddy's father no she said he is Mummy's father.I said well Mummy's father lives in Queensland, Ugh yes she said silly Auntie Jullie Queensland is in heaven, Hmm i replied some people may think it is but its not in heaven,Lengthy discussion ensued as to the difference between living in Queensland (IE It means you can come visit at Xmas ) and living in heaven (Sorry No visits at Xmas but such a lovely place )
Also at almost four she wanted to know where this heaven actually is (very very far away past the moon near the stars)
This whole conversation reminded me of my boys and their own funny episodes of the Heavenly type.'

Matthew my eldest at almost four was very knowledgeable about babies since i had just given birth to his brother almost a year since,He wanted to know how it happened and so i perfected the many times after used " God helps the Mummy and the Daddy to love each other in a special way and then a baby grows inside the Mummy's tummy"  one day he says to me with the big serious eyes "Mum i understand how god helps the mummy's and the daddy's but there's one thing i don't know " I'm waiting for it "How does he put the toes on ??) hehe i wasn't waiting for that one,My reply " he is just good at that sort of thing "

Timothy aged about four ( that seems to be THE AGE)
we were in a Church awaiting the bride .Outside the Church i had of course threatened my then three sons
telling them they must be good and quiet as this was Gods house,All was quite in the large catholic Cathedral when Timothy whispers loudly "When is God coming" (snigger's from around us)
"He is already here "I whisper back
Huge eyed he looks around the church his eyes coming to rest on an alcove containing a statue of Mary in it,
" I bet he is on her shoulders he exclaims excitedly whereupon two rows of  Guests are in stitches,
I guess he thought of God being the size of a fairy !

Joel aged 5 (and perhaps the most uncmfortable thought of all)
"Mum what does god look like ?".
"well you don't actually see him but he is everywhere in everything"
"But when you saw him what did he look like "
"I never actually saw him but i know he is there"
Here he rolls his eyes and says " But when god helped you and dad to make the babies
well what did he look like then when he was there ?" (am picturing God standing next to the bed see squirm worthy isn't it hehe)
See i knew the making baby story would come back to bite me !

And finally Alexander you guessed it 4 or 5 years old
Matthew and i hear Alex on the front veranda talking to someone then we realize he is talking to God
aww  we think how sweet. Then we realize that talking may not be the right word and that what he is doing is actually demanding something and then threatening god about what will happen if he doesn't pay up.
I quietly go out and Say Threatening God never a good  idea !!
"Why" he says
Um I don't know but isn't he is in charge of thunder and lightning and stuff like that,"
An apology to God ensued assuring him he wasn't being bossy just asking that's all,"

 Also at the same age Alex is in the car seat as im driving he says suddenly "Its happening"
"Whats happening" i ask knowing with Alex almost anything can happen !
"Well he says Durani my friend is a friend of Gods "Oh i say that's nice as i am wondering where this is leading
"Well Durani  asked God to make me the same color as him " (Durani is the sweetest darkest skinned boy you ever met,Alex is the sweetest palest skinned blonde haired boy you ever met)
Anyway smiles Alex as he surveys his pale pale arm "I think its happening"
I think as they say God always answers prayers but sometimes in his infinite wisdom the answer is NO ( and as in this case thank goodness hehe)

We were not a church going family save at Christmas and not always then but in their own way my children all  found a way to talk to and about God.


Marianne C. said...

This was so beautifully funny.. I was LOLing throughout the post. Thank you for sharing your sweetest gifts from Heaven. Children can be the most amazing thinkers.

These stories reminded me of when my only child, Robert, was 3 years old and we were in church. All through the service he kept asking if it was time to go home, in his home now?" Towards the end, the priest began to bless the congregation, "Go now to love and serve the Lord", to which my 3 year old exclaimed with his outside voice,which echoed through the church, "Now we go home!" Everyone in the church laughed. I'm sure many of them were most likely thinking the same thing.


Terri said...

The sweetness that comes out of Gods little blessings! We use to take toy cars to church. The boys would roll the cars down the isles and would say God made his car win. The kids started going to the children room after that. Love your stories! Hugs, Terri

vivian said...

LOVEd reading this post! I wish I could remember all our fun conversations like this. YOur boys must have been just freaken precious!
love the stories. thanks for sharing. I plan on writing everything that comes out of my grandbabies mouths down! lol
have a great week!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

This is such a precious post!! Kids say the darnedest things don't they? I remember my youngest asking me as we were were driving down the road one day. "Mom...what is a virgin?" I looked over at his Dad, to see a smirk on his face and wondering how I was going to answer that one. LOL...

Vicki said...

Hello, my friend,
This is a terrific post! I enjoyed hearing all of your tales about your children and their encounters with God. I love their innocence so much. Thank you for dropping by Bunny Cottage for a visit. I hope you have the best of weekends~ Vicki

Laura said...

This is great - your stories are wonderful! With three little boys myself, I love hearing stories like these!
Laura (from swap-bot)