Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I miss Eskimo Kisses

Found this poem i wrote when my son Tim was a teenager, sheesh rough times but now he is a father himself and i bet he already loves little Sophia as much as i love them both.The other day he was giving her kisses all over and it reminded me of the days of eskimo kisses that i used to give all my little ones.


I  miss
eskimo kisses
and rubbing noses
Small chubby feet
with teeny
tiny toeses !
Your smile
when the fairies
did magical things,
When all along
it was me
who had wings !
I miss
your belief in me
to make
everything right,
Your feet in
the hallway
your voice in
the night !
When imagination
before truth,
Before fighting
and hurt
before youth !
I miss being
that much is true,
Mostly the thing
that i miss Tim
is you !
           Jullie 2000


Mom of 2 Roses said...

Jullie that brought tears to my eyes. I love the photo of Tim and Sophia as you can see the tenderness and love show through.

vivian said...

what a sweet poem.
growing up is rough sometimes for both the kid and the parent isnt it? I love when we get past it all and find a new appreciation for each other on the other side of those rough years. what a sweet picture of tim and sophia. my youngest son just became a parent in december.. its been interesting watching him parent his adorable little Marlaina!
have a great day!!