Thursday, February 9, 2012

Other than a Mother in a nest full of empty.

What happens tell me when you turn fifty and you're are no longer any mans wife, when the four little boys who have been your life are all grown up.When there is no longer anyone to yell at in the mornings to brush their teeth and find their shoes,No one to kiss goodbye.  When indeed there is no pressing reason to get up at all.What happens when you have been wife and mummy since you were eighteen years old ,all your adult life . In my case i have been so sad i couldn't bear it,so lost it makes me ill. I still have Alex who needs me but he is no longer a child.Time now for me everyone says and what a weird and lonely thing that seems to be,I have to move on i know that !( i think perhaps i just need a bulldozer to help me along. hmm better make it one of those huge mining ones i never did like change ) Ahh its hard to be something other than a mother when that's the word that defined you and kept you safe and warm. I used to have a lovely nest but now its full of empty.


Peace said...

Oh dear, I still have 2 little birds but they are almost grown too, and certainly don't 'need' me like they used to. My oldest son has been mad at me for 3 years, my oldest daughter has a nice man to take care of her now. I dread the day when it is just the Hub and I here. I can ship him to you to borrow? Big hugs. Fill the space with crafty goodness and treat yourself to something sinful.And cuddle your fur baby. And feel free to complain, I will listen!

Terri said...

I lost my DH two years ago. My two grown sons are on their own. I live in a big four bedroom house. I feel guilty living in it when so many are without a home. I feel useless and trying to find my muse. I will make beautiful things but don't have anyone to show or ask a question. If you figure it out please let me know? I'm not one to go to senior centers. I don't feel old just lonely. If it will help know you're not alone. Hugs, Terri

Linda J. said...

My nest is empty too and my birds flying free, I am happy to fill the empty spaces with the things I have been wanting to do for years, but haven't had the time.

I love watching them fly from a distance but must confess to enjoying the peace - if there is a mess - I made it and I clean it up. I play the music I like, I eat what I like when I like. I go to bed late/early and do things during the night - no one here to disturb.

I love it - but it took a while to get used to and I understand how you are feeling. Relax and slide into this new time for you gently and soon you will be comfortable with it.

Linda. xx

vivian said...

oh dear, I'm so sorry you are struggling with this time in your life. sometimes I wish I lived alone. but I know that I like to chatter at someone and voice my opinions that no one wants to hear. I know that inspite of thinking that I would love it, I too would be lonely. maybe you could join some art classes where you might meet someone in your same situation that you could do things with. Wish we were neighbors! I'd come chatter at you and youd be glad when I left! lol.
anyways.. I'm sending you a big hug! hang in there my friend.