Thursday, February 16, 2012

HELP ME !!! I am a crafter

Love my memory pinboard if its on there I LOVE IT
Ugh Blame the blokes who built the Internet in their cute little old garage ,Yes blame them for I am a crafter a little crazy a tad obsessive and a mite out of craft control. Yes i blame those men for leading me astray (and god alone knows how easily and happily led i am)they led me to EBay and etsy and made it and a zillion craft sites and craft groups ( enablers,addicts all ) who then linked me to other websites and daily craft deals and facebook groups tell me where does it end ,Can one ever have too much stash,too many supplies that you just know one day you will need,Then theres the stuff thats just too good,too sweet too special to use.You know the stuff I'm talking about,that vintage french seam binding in just the most darling shade of duck egg blue, I mean it looks lovely on a card but then someone else would have it and you couldn't look at it and love it as i do. So you know i use one of my other pieces of ribbon of which i have a drawer and a jar and a box hehe.Its all organized oh my goodness yes ! You see i am not just addicted to buying supplies and making things ands swaps,i am addicted to sorting my stash and organizing every little bit,I used to have a whole craft room(sigh oh how i miss it) now i have the space between my bed and my windows a chair and a half wide,
I have found ways to fit things in small spaces,The overload is in 3 Rubbermaid's under the bed,
Okay okay i confess maybe it isn't the fault of those clever men in their blokey shed maybe it was there all along and like most addictions it grew, There were signs when i was small always making puppets out of egg cartons and doll houses out of boxes,But imagine folks what would happen if a drug addict could just pop on line and search thousands of sites for that perfect drug deal.See its not my fault you see My name is Jullie and i am a craft addict. !! Help me before its too late and i am found dead under an avalanche of supplies,Remember she who dies with the biggest stash wins.

Inspiration tag minus a frozen charlotte and a tiny encased chair (now in my printers tray) by far  my favoutite inspiration tag recieved cant bear to pull more off it (from cheryl Jones)
The hanging heart pocket and a delightful fill of trims and treasures rec from Helen Bonnor)

Se who wouldnt love arranging and rearranging my potions of german glass glitter and mica flakes etc
I get the bottles at the local thrift when i see them,the little wallet i keep my address labels and stamps,seals etc in is just a fav of mine (made by christine ) The little watch case was altered by My Alex when we moved here ti cheer me up )

Altered mcroscope slide mailer
Inside the slide mailer (believe in your heart something wonderful is about to happen )

Card from my cousin (yes i know how rude but i like it hehe) also gorgeous altered cigar Box from chrsitopherpines on swapbot filled with treasure loooove it) Vintage cloak room tickets gotta love em (from my darling sister jen)
and lastly a photo sent in a swap ages ago, I  just love it,



shabbypinkchick said...

I love the treasure Alex made for you!

Peace said...

I am also a stash addict and I LOVE organizing too, SO SUE US!! I used to think the sorting and organizing was taking away from my crafting, then I realized sorting and organizing are part of the fun of hoarding stuff! You get to vi
sit your stuff and remember you have things! :OD I am in your club sister! Sisters of the LOTS of STUFF and LITTLE space!

Laura said...

What wonderful treasures! I'm sure it's all those wonderful things I have tucked away that make up for the crappy days in life! When a day gets too bad, I can just go play with my fun stuff (once the boys are in bed) and fill my dreams with thoughts of wonderful things!