Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Reader

       My son Joel has always been a reader as is my eldest son Matthew,They definitely inherited that from me as their father would never read a book for fun ever,Like me they were readers from a young age and escaped into a world where for the price of a book you can travel anywhere you like without leaving your own little room.Matthew commissioned a caricature of his brother Joel who with his widows peak hair and dark good looks would be a fabulous book character,I think it really suits him ! The artist is Mike Perry from No Dice Comic  he does commissions for only $10 and i think they would be great as presents.


Anonymous said...

Don't ya' just love it when your kids pick up good traits??!!

Linda J. said...

Now there's a challenge Jules - write the book - you know him better than anyone.

It is a great caricature.

Love and hugs.