Thursday, September 29, 2011

Side Bar love


Don't you love your sidebar thingies widgets links pics and what have yous. I know i do i only have ones that mean something to me and that i love.Be it Tinkerbell dancing around and around or a bottle full of wishes . A year ago i got  several years of my blog printed into a book to keep by blog-2-print.I was very happy with it and its a keepsake full of memories and like a diary with photographs documenting some things i would have forgotten and others that i treasure,The only disappointing thing is that the backgrounds and headers and sidebar stuff that make our blogs so US is not printed,I suppose it would be a lot of ink and i understand but it was a shame.Anyway i had put a post the last thing before it was printed of all my favourite homemade blog banners and they are in my book so i have them,So this time i am doing this post on all my favourite side bar things to record them for the next blog book i have printed,so here they are my favourites,


and here are a few of my favourite backgrounds


Anonymous said...

Your backgrounds are beautiful. I have been looking for a Christmas one as that is the only one I do not have!! Do you share???
Just askin'....

Linda J. said...

A beautiful post Julie - the idea of having a print out of a blog is great - thanks for your information, inspiration and just a lovely time looking at all your tags.