Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Face of an unborn Angel

Yes isn't technology a wonderful thing when i can look upon the face of my first Grandchild. Already knowing she is a grand daughter and little Sophia Rose is due to be born around January 20th.
My son sent this on his mobile phone and i cried when i realised it was Sophia.This is a scan of her little face and chubby cheeks.I love her already and she isn't even finished yet,


Anonymous said...

Isn't technology wonderful??!!
You are a lucky lady!!
Have a Great Day!!

Linda said...

Marvelous!! Congratulations :) (Love her name)

Amanda said...

Technology is wonderful. I had scans but they did not tell you in them days if it was a boy or girl. I would of liked to have known, still, I ended up with a girl and in all honesty thats what I secretly hoped for.

Mom of 2 Roses said...

How exciting Jullie to see your precious little grandbaby Sophia Rose!

Tiili said...

It is amazing to see these babies through their whole life. Loving the name! Dear daughter is keeping the girls name a secret, grrr.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jullie! You must be tickled pink!! Congratulations and can't wait to see more of her!! :o)

Linda J. said...

How beautiful it is to love someone long before they are with us. I share your joy at the impending arrival of Sophie - and am in awe of the technology.

Love and hugs,