Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Even Fairies Have bad days !

Its all in the face and i know that face hehe

and sometimes its all in the arms !

But even mad fairies are awfully cute don't you think ?
I have to say in the fairy's defence (my 3 yr old beloved god daughter) that she had reason.
my poor fairy's  mother had been ill for a few weeks and in hospital for over one,And even though her father
was doing his fairy best she just missed her fairy mother (who returned home this very day).
And for a very first this fairy didn't love her godmother for a whole four minutes,You see we have a few disagreements on fairy apparel and such (this was approximately the 800th outfit i think !) I have been ordered for one to rectify her shoe situation "me need pretty shoes ,you buy me some auntie Jullie '( and i have Tinkerbell ones no less), After four sons that's an order that's a pleasure to fill.


Junk-it Junction... said...

Too cute, hope your friend is feeling better.

Linda J. said...

Very sweet - and yes even fairies have "off" days and I suspect this little fae will settle down again very soon now that Mummy is home - poor Daddy trying to do his best.

I hope she is madly in love with you again and you have a shopping excursion for the fairy shoes.

Love and hugs,

vivian said...

awww... everyone has a bad day now and then huh? what a little doll she is! have fun shoe shopping!

Jennifer Wright said...

She is even cute when she's mad! x