Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Apartment new style

Okay so i have moved and i got rid of soooo much stuff,I gave away heaps i sold some stuff i threw away stuff and i kept far too much stuff.I am trying for a simpler style although minimalism will never be me no matter how much i try.I am just a gal who loves stuff. There are some things such as my dice collection and vintage xmas decorations i could never part with.This time most of my furniture is brand new an unheard of word in my world.Its all white and very french provincial.Living in a small space the whote makes it lighter and i feel calmer just looking at it. am not allowed to hang curtains believe it or not, It has vertical drapes ugh i hate them.I bought a lovely french screen to combat the problem and i am so happy with it.

I love nothing better than turning a negative into a positive and tahts what i did with my lounge room
it had an awkward alcove in it where a double linen press at some stage had been removed,I saw its potential and now it houses a buffet and hutch for my craft supplies and to display  vintage childrens books and toys.All those important things like my jars of dice and my vintage party toys and candle holders.Then there the knucklebone or jacks collection.The spinning top collection.Well you know all the usual or should i say my usual.



Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Jules I love your new home and your wonderful collections. I know it is sometimes hard to get rid of some things. The white looks beautiful! I hope your new home is a place of peace and happiness.

Mom of 2 Roses said...

I love your furniture and the screen is beautiful!! I would have to put something like that up too if I couldn't put up curtains. You are so clever!! I'll be apartment hunting soon and I will be having some get some new furniture as well and deciding on what I want is hard!! I am glad it feels like home!


I shall be stealing that table and chairs in the near future ok....
It looks good Jules, very fresh but still with the Jules touch. The way it should be :)

Junk-it Junction... said...

It looks superb!
Cant wait to come back and visit, and I love the new addition, she is too cute!