Saturday, March 5, 2011

Its not Home without a cat !

I know i know i havent posted in an age ,too much has happened i didnt know where to start.
I have moved am now single again and living with my son in an apartment (or a unit or a flat)
depending on how posh i am feeling at any given moment.Have never lived in an apartment before
i dont mind it im still getting used to it (they are renovating apartments above ,next to and across from us and the noise ugh) and its been horrendously hot, But i have been missing my cats that had to stay behind with my ex because they are outside type cats and it would be cruel to keep them inside,
Its not who they are,So i have shed many tears at leaving them behind.Anyway the other day i accidently went out and got a kitten.i mean i have been thinking about it as i just dont feel like a home is a home without a cat,Alex and i just didnt feel like a real family anymore and well now we have POPPY and we do,
Look at that little face when we saw her we fell in love.I say her but the truth is the vet cant be quite sure as she is so small.The ex thinks she is a he,In any case we dont care we love poppy very much already.She makes us laugh her legs and neck are so long for such a teeny cat that she looks like a wobbly baby giraffe cavorting around the place.She already has run of the place and our hearts.No accidents at all she straight off used the tray we were so proud..She is asleep in her basket wth her teddy and finally this place is HOME !


vivian said...

awww! she is adorable. I'm glad you found a way to make yourself feel more at home in your new surroundings. Sorry to hear about the break up. thats always hard. but it does sound like youre moving on in a positive way.
glad to see you back in blogland!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Jules, it is SO SO good to see you posting and blogging my friend! I have missed you and am happy to see you moving forward! Poppy is adorable and I am sure will bring you lots of joy!

Marilyn said...

Its sooo good to see you :))xx

Mom of 2 Roses said...

She's adorable Jullie!
I'm glad it feels like home now!
love ya!


awwww i love her. I showed her to Sam and he said "Well i bet Jullie is cuddling her alot because she is very cute".
You definately needed a little fluffy someone to make your HOME complete Jules :)
Luv ya

miwahni said...

She's gorgeous! Little sweetheart.

miwahni said...

oh, by the way... miwahni is me - Bev!