Sunday, March 6, 2011

Before and after (or how a maximist girl is filling her minimalist space)

OK I'm really doing it here and blogging away so don't faint at another post so soon.
I really really love before and after shots so here are a few from my apartment.
Take note that when i moved here it was so bland and the previous tenant had a balcony
setting for her dining room and i thought omg this place is sooo tiny now even i am amazed how much i have fit in.

the kitchen was a blank canvas thank god after some of the sights i saw when i was looking for a rental a blank canvas was heaven. However optimistic one may be a purple wall above orange cabinets is never going to be a dream kitchen.Where the previous tenant had an ugly BBQ stored in front of a non opening part of the sliding doors i now have a display cabinet for my royal albert and special china that would not fit in my compact kitchen.I also managed to sneak in a slimboy chest of drawers just outside the kitchen on a small wall.It houses my tea towels and my place mats napkins etc The little wooden chest of drawers my son and his partner bought me used to house jewellery on my dressing table it now houses medication and cake supplies such as patty pans etc on the kitchen bench below a french notice board.I love multi functional things like that i have ordered two more display cabinet's as bookcases for my lounge room.I feel wherever i move in future these may be used for housing linen kitchenware's books and so on.

before an unloved alcove that i think must have housed a linen press (which means i don't have one)
now looks like it was made for my new buffet and hutch. I filled this with vintage children's books and annuals and toys from a simpler time where pick up sticks was entertainment.I guess my friends are right no matter how much i got rid of a minimalist i shall never be.
oh where did this come from (any chance to see my boys) what a difference 10 years makes here's before and here's after.Boys to men in a the blink of a mothers eye.


Marilyn said...

I am so happy to see you emerging into the beautiful butterfly you were always meant to be :)

Dolly said...

Jules, I love what you are doing to your new home!
It looks amazing!


Keke said...

Dear Sweet Friend,
I'm so happy to see you on the road to happiness again...your nest looks amazing! I'm such a smuck...I have a parcel that I've been meaning to mail to you for's sitting beside all the others...hopefully I'll make it to the post soon.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love how your new home is coming along!! So glad to see you posting again!

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Kathy said...

You're home is very sweet....nice place to live.