Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Studio peeks I spy white for wednesday !

This week i thought it would be fun to find white things in my little studio.
I love white its freshness picks a room up.Here is my sweet little white heart cupboard that holds many of my ribbon spools.Got it once at the op shop for $5 and added the wallie rose, Can you also spy the miniature luggage pieces on top.Including a tiny white suitcase.

Do you spy the white laces on their cards these are gorgeous and were a gift from my Friend Joan who like my Aunt shares her stash with me often.No you cannot have her she is MY friend.( i knew you were going to ask dont deny it)
Lastly here is a tin bin i also found at the op shop and jazzed it up with some rub on scrapbooking words.I love how it turned out,Do you like the spoon pincushion i made it myself
when i was going through my spoon bending phase (which was quite a few phases ago hehe)

OOh lastly is that a rabbit flying by .This is a secret project im working on for Easter.
Don't ask me why but my Easter decorations sometimes end up on sticks.He makes it into I spy cause he is of course white and German glass glittered white at that,


Keke said...

I love I spy, and all your lovlies but I really love the flying rabbit!!! Is he paper? I love the vintage look and german glass glitter! All Yum Yums!!!!

XO Keke

Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

Yep, Ive seen it all in person, and it looks spectacular!
Come and enter my giveaway now!!

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower!!!
Came here via Terri's blog...looking for tea cup tuesdays!
very lovely goodies you've shared here...glad I came by...

and I invite you to come by my blog sometime too...