Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Breathing is optional but kinda nice !

Sorry long time no post,Have been on the dreaded asthma wagon, The kind where breathing is optional but kinda nice.It just makes things hard when you dont you know-I mean if you dont long enough you are dead so Alex tells me ! Ahh so anyway been on the cough cough nebulize etc and then after a week of that not helping it was the dreaded Steroids and a real bad case of the roid rage.WE are talking impatient bad tempered off my face roid rage.Alls i can say is how do people who are shitheads do it.Its exhausting to be angry and upset all your life.Im glad im back to me.Im pretty patient as a rule.Living with a son with Aspergers after bringing up 3 other sons you need to be patient. (hmm is that patience or Apathy) Anyway im back thank goodness and im even breathing which is kinda nice....
PS see this grumpy fellow well that face was me last week !

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