Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anticipation the story of a swap/

Long ago (like late last year) I won keke in a swap.Well i got her as a partner but i soon realised i had won as she is lovely.The annual flickr vintage ephemera Home for the holidays swap.,
Excitedly we exchanged addresses and we also chose to name our swaps to each other.
For mine i chose Believe and almost everything on her swap had the word believe on it or a tag attatched to it. Keke named hers Anticipation ahh and i feel therein lay the problem.Keke worked hard on it sent it off in a flurry and a hurry and i waited and waited and anticipated and........ alas it never came.Its caught up in the christmas mail i said and so we waited and waited and anticipated.Finally in mid january even i in my infinite capacity for positive thinking had to say its not coming.So someone out in postland has a lovely swap .Keke had wanted to resend sooner and as soon as i conceded defeat she started to make another swap by this time she added a valentine swap as she felt bad it was late. So anyway where was i ,oh yes anticipating,well finally just after Valentines day it arrived and it was BETTER than i anticipated,I love love love everything especially the christmas shadow box and the valentine apron.Thankyou thankyou thankyou.
You may visit Keke at Cherry Kingdom.

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