Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Trinket Tree

Neil calls this my Trinket Tree he bought if for me a few Christmases ago (well i saw it and made him lol)Isn't this photo he took of it amazing !

My Fav Decoration spots

Her name is Mary

So proclaimed her gorgeous tag,this mannequin was a present from my dear friend Linda.
I just adore her work she also made me a wand that says Wish upon a star" Like all good wands it is smothered in glass glitter.
The Stocking you can see Hanging behind her was one of my gifts from artist Shannon over at PaintminePink website and Blog.
Thankyou girls i love you both,ick im sounding like sugar syrup these days and really im not as sweet as i sound lol

More Christmas

Isnt this cradle the best i got it from Sue at Junk it Junction and i adore it,Of course it turned my house upside down to fit it in my bedroom that was already crowded but i NEEDED it badly.See i knew you would all understand how one can need a vintage cradle even though one doesnt have nor want another baby unless the word grand comes in front of it.

Well my home is finally Company ready.Oh how i wish it was as tidy as you all seem to think it is.Alas i am a girl with a creative mind and always i make mess.I create i assemble i pull apart and rearrange and this is NOT a tidy process.I am my own worst enemy as i like to have order and tidiness and can be manic about a clean house.But i collect stuff i arrange stuff i create stuff and my home is full of STUFF and worst thing of all i LOVE my stuff.So you see the problem here dont you IT'S ME !!!
Anyway it is tidy so here is the rest of the xmas pics The bedroom only has a few decs my swap partner and friend Petah did the stocking and my friend Cherrie did the cute hanger that is embroidered "Brambly Cottage" which is the name of my house.
Shannon did the Angel and i have a little tree with pink ornaments.The rest is just to show you its tidy lol.

The spirit of Christmas

Gotta love Matchboxes
How sweet are these the small one i made myself and the larger one was made by the very sweet Lisa of Lisa Laughs blog.Thankyou Lisa its so sweet and filled with soooo much stuff.You would never believe these are Just matchboxes.

I have felt like an elf in my workshop lately,look at some of my organized disorder.

Here is a table decoration i made my old schoolfriend Debbie,she wanted it for th xmas table and reminiscent of childhood.It has two sides and has a box beyween them to fill with lollies Christmas Day !

Here are two of the MANY bears given to me by my Aunt who is moving just after Christmas.Dont they already look at home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Quote of the season

My Favourite things

How sweet is that view,funny when you look at your house through someone Else's eyes,usually all i see is the pile of stuff that shouldn't be there in the corner.The cushions that aren't in place etc but when i saw this pic i loved it.

see what effect blogging has on me i saw someones glassed in noticeboard i wanted one,i bought one off sue from junk it junction (who is to blame for a few things round here lol) There is is just as i pictured although next year i will do a plain backing as the toile is too busy.I love to scatter bells around at Xmas.

The joy circles are from me friend linda of Raspberry Roses blog.Linda and i have similar tastes and i always adore what she makes me.

And then theres more folks -Memories that is !

With me there is always more
Here is my mantle with a little village ,itts only tiny as my mantle is so narrow
that village appears different places different years.
sometimes its on the china cabinet another time on the treadle sewing machine.I have many pieces but i dont use all of them every year,The huge santa head is mache i love it my Aunt bought it for me last christmas !

The little gingerbread man tree sits on the litchen butchers block,Daisy my friend from england sent the ginger gar;and a year ago and the twig basket is filled with xmas scented pot pourri courtesy of Linda my school friend.

I love this tree its filled with my oldest most treasured ornaments teh close up shows a real birds nest and egg (abandoned ) it goes well with teh blue glass birds swent by my friend Laurie in Alaska,The little pocket watch on the tree ontains my dads pic and i hang it with the gift tag i made and never got to use the year he dies.Its a memory tree.My friend Desley whom i lost to cancer used to get me decorations every year and now i think of her too as i put them out.

Episode 500 in which she goes crazy

Christmas crazy that is !And to think i have toned it down this year.Here is the country part of Brambly cottage.The front is my posh part and then the kitchen famiily room us my country,primitive part.i love them both.

I realised years ago the folly of putting the billion santas away each year only to
have some break etc as some are very old.So now I close the santa cupboard doors during the year and fling them open wide for xmas wala instant display.

I said to my husband the glitter hater this pictuure makes the family room look cluttered,he just gave me the look/You know the look,the one that says it aint the pic love.Ugh why do i have to be me.I love to be neat but i just love my stuff.