Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Christmas

Isnt this cradle the best i got it from Sue at Junk it Junction and i adore it,Of course it turned my house upside down to fit it in my bedroom that was already crowded but i NEEDED it badly.See i knew you would all understand how one can need a vintage cradle even though one doesnt have nor want another baby unless the word grand comes in front of it.

Well my home is finally Company ready.Oh how i wish it was as tidy as you all seem to think it is.Alas i am a girl with a creative mind and always i make mess.I create i assemble i pull apart and rearrange and this is NOT a tidy process.I am my own worst enemy as i like to have order and tidiness and can be manic about a clean house.But i collect stuff i arrange stuff i create stuff and my home is full of STUFF and worst thing of all i LOVE my stuff.So you see the problem here dont you IT'S ME !!!
Anyway it is tidy so here is the rest of the xmas pics The bedroom only has a few decs my swap partner and friend Petah did the stocking and my friend Cherrie did the cute hanger that is embroidered "Brambly Cottage" which is the name of my house.
Shannon did the Angel and i have a little tree with pink ornaments.The rest is just to show you its tidy lol.


Laurie said...

Oh your bedroom is so! Thanks for sharing it with us!

nbeltane said...

love the cradle and yes of course you needed it

Rhondamum said...

Yippee! So glad you are ready for company! I will start packing my bags and fly on down, down, down! LOL! I LOVE all of your "stuff"! xoxo

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Your blog is beautiful! And this room.