Thursday, December 4, 2008

And then theres more folks -Memories that is !

With me there is always more
Here is my mantle with a little village ,itts only tiny as my mantle is so narrow
that village appears different places different years.
sometimes its on the china cabinet another time on the treadle sewing machine.I have many pieces but i dont use all of them every year,The huge santa head is mache i love it my Aunt bought it for me last christmas !

The little gingerbread man tree sits on the litchen butchers block,Daisy my friend from england sent the ginger gar;and a year ago and the twig basket is filled with xmas scented pot pourri courtesy of Linda my school friend.

I love this tree its filled with my oldest most treasured ornaments teh close up shows a real birds nest and egg (abandoned ) it goes well with teh blue glass birds swent by my friend Laurie in Alaska,The little pocket watch on the tree ontains my dads pic and i hang it with the gift tag i made and never got to use the year he dies.Its a memory tree.My friend Desley whom i lost to cancer used to get me decorations every year and now i think of her too as i put them out.


Laurie said...

Aww Jules you've got memories of freinds everywhere. That's lovely and very special.
love ya!

nbeltane said...

what a precious idea.