Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Favourite things

How sweet is that view,funny when you look at your house through someone Else's eyes,usually all i see is the pile of stuff that shouldn't be there in the corner.The cushions that aren't in place etc but when i saw this pic i loved it.

see what effect blogging has on me i saw someones glassed in noticeboard i wanted one,i bought one off sue from junk it junction (who is to blame for a few things round here lol) There is is just as i pictured although next year i will do a plain backing as the toile is too busy.I love to scatter bells around at Xmas.

The joy circles are from me friend linda of Raspberry Roses blog.Linda and i have similar tastes and i always adore what she makes me.


Lorelle said...


Your home is absolutely gorgeous. All the photos are beautiful.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Your home is beautiful Jules!!

Sue said...

Wow Jules, and you call this 'toning down'? Looks fabulous, and Im seriously thinking about a christmas cupboard too, I hate packing up! This year, I dont have much up on display.With decorating the studio too,Im done!
I still love the glassed door cup'd, and it looks so pretty with the xmas fabric.Hope to see you before Chrissy,

Anonymous said...

Your home is Lovely!! Everytime I say I am going to scale down I find more "stuff" I just can't live without!!

Dolly said...

Julie I love seeing all your christmas goodies!
Your home is so beautiful!
Its not cluttered its filled with LOVE!!!!

Have a sweet as gingerbread christmas,
Hugz, Dolly

nbeltane said...

love the house jules.
so festive.
looks wonderful