Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Identity crisis and Christmas drips

I think i maybe an elf
Am I ? Is that why i am 4ft 10 and is that why i am always covered in glitter.
I personally know an elf she lives in Alaska.But am i one i wonder.I have been
very very busy and Christmas is dripping into my craft room one drop of glue and glitter at a time.I have been making things that just pop in my head and out my hands.It happens this way to me a lot ,i wake up and think ooh i must try this.
That what i love about craft.You think of something and then there it is!
Well sometimes it doesn't turn out exactly like it was in your head and sometimes it turns out nothing like it and that can be great too.Many a happy mistake i have made.Here is this months treasures,the little dioramas came from an idea i got thanks to my aunt.She gave me a lovely decoupage book and one picture was of a Victorian child's pop up page so thats the small and large box i did.i changed the snowman as the Victorian snowman looked enough to give any child a nightmare lol.
To see the diorama better just click on it and it will enlarge
The medium sized one is totally one i made up from a few images.The pop up cone deccys were inspired by a similar toy my son Tim had as a baby.


Laurie said...

How cute Jullie! I'm loving all the cute thing you've made. You are so clever!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Elf you may very well be!
Those chrissy goodies are just gorgeous!!!!

Raspberry Roses said...

oh I love them love them love them you are sooooooooooooo clever and soooooooooooooooo sweet too and the nicest elf I have ever met :)
hugs Linda


And ive seen them in real life !!
Julles im always telling you how creative you are! They are all so gorgeous and yes i think you are an Elf. Can you tell Santa i want a kitten for christmas please??

Luv Ya

Cottage Rose said...

You are so creative.

They all look wonderful


Peta said...

They are gorgeous Jules, you are so creative! Peta xx

cherub*wishes said...

hi jules!
just popping over to say "hello"...
hope you're doing well :o)

Country Wishes said...

I wondered what all this elf talk was about, now I know..
Your creations are stunning jullie, you are a very clever elf indeed.

Glenda said...

wow,you is a clever girl then?.I love what you have been making.

Rue said...

Hi Jules :)

Such Christmas cuteness! I love it all :)

You MUST be an elf ;)


Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Jules! I love all of your wonderful creations!! You are so talented and creative! Hey.... I thought you must be an elf!! And the sweetest elf I know too!! Hugs,

Sue said...

Thanks for dropping by today, and buying another treasure for your gorgeous home!! And you still have glitter on you!!
I remember making a cone thingy years ago, it was a childs toy, a clown I think! My daughter absolutely loved it, and would push and pull the stick and make him pop up, clever idea.Love all your creative ideas too!

Rhondamum said...

Can I be a tall elf? Your goodies are too wonderful! Hope you are doing well! Miss ya! Rhonda...

MelsRosePlace said...

Hiya Jules and thanks so much for visiting + your lovely comments! Yes hands up xmas addict here, i cant believe i missed your Halloween post too as i went all out this year for that as well. Will be well & truly burnt out by January!! Love what you have made. I am so inspired, i wish i knew how to make things like that or had the time at least. Perhaps that will be a new years resolution for me. Mel xxx

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

You are a blog award winner! See my blog for details!

Rhondamum said...

Hey! Please come and pay me a visit. You have an award waiting for you!


Paper Cat Designs said...

I enjoyed the whimsical tone of this post and your creations are so pretty! I agree with the picture in the mind sometimes being a little or a lot different than what actually comes off the tip of the fingers. Sometimes I make a tiny mistake and the piece takes a different and more wonderful direction. I love every minute.

Hope you are well my friend.

Cheers! =D