Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hold on I'll just google it

Wow i am wayyyy behind folks in showing my many wonderful swaps.
This is one of the many ways blogging and the Internet have changed my corner of the world.I often think how lonely i would feel without all of you.I just pop over to a few blogs if i am feeling lonely and read the latest gossip,get a decorating idea or maybe be inspired by someones crafty pursuits.Drool over their work spaces or in Reading how someones space is a shelf in a closet just be grateful i have my little room here (albeit shared with the glitter hater)
The phrase i will google it slaps off the tongue so easily.I even told the specialist my son sees that i knew all about him as i had googled him.I'm sure he went home and googled himself later.You don't know a scone recipe just google it,wonder how to make a button fairy find a tutorial.want to research that vintage op shop find -yep google it.Strange swelling on the third toe google it,find out it could be a simple insect bite or perhaps a life threatening flesh eating bacteria,so you can worry all night.Nope you survived must have been the mossie bite! See how it changes our life.Wanna find a house , a car, a smurf t shirt,a husband a long lost friend or just a life yep it all there.So without further ado its onto the swaps.

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